Veteran’s One Hand Up (VEHU) recently helped a Veteran just emerging from homelessness.  The Veteran had completed the residential program through the local VA (Carl Vinson VA Medical Center in Dublin, Georgia) and was working with the VA HUD VASH program to establish permanent residency.  The Veteran was unable to pay the required deposit AND the first month’s rent to establish housing.  VEHU helped with the first month’s rent which was sent overnight express to the realtor handling the rental involved.  VEHU has a strong commitment to helping Veterans with basic, necessary needs and housing is a top priority.  As said before, Georgia has about 2000 homeless Veterans and one homeless Veteran is too many.  Society, in general, tends to blame homeless people for their homelessness without fully understanding the dynamics of what leads to homelessness.  Studies have shown that a high percentage of homeless people suffer from traumatic brain injury, often undiagnosed.  For Veterans struggling with a multitude of effects from their military service, many have conditions they are not even aware of.  Even the slightest trauma to the brain can have long lasting effects that interfere with the ability to independently function in society.  There are some Veterans who will need lifelong support as a direct result of their service to our country.  Let’s not judge as all of us in a blink of an eye can be in the position of homelessness.  Most Americans are one accident or illness away from bankruptcy and disability.


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