One evening, a VETERANS ONE HAND UP board member was leaving the VA and causally began talking to a Veteran on the way out of the building.  It turned out this Veteran had a new job with plans to begin that very day on the evening shift.  Unfortunately, the job required advance purchase of job-related boots and if the Veteran was unable to secure the boots by the time the shift began that evening the Veteran would lose the position.  The VETERANS ONE HAND UP board member made a split second decision to offer assistance on the spot.  First, the board member offered to follow the Veteran to the store (where the boots were being held) and pay for the boots.  This offer was declined because the Veteran had to wait for another person and could not leave then.  The board member then offered to go by the store to pay for the boots and the Veteran could pick them up later.  The Veteran, using a cell phone, contacted the store and asked if someone could come by and pay for the boots and the Veteran would come pick them up shortly thereafter.  The Veteran said the store representative said “no”. The Veteran asked for cash for purchasing the boots in the limited time available (3 hours before the scheduled shift).  The VETERANS ONE HAND UP board member did not have cash and as a representative of VETERANS ONE HAND UP would not have been able to give cash directly to an applicant for assistance.   VETERANS ONE HAND UP by-laws prohibit direct payment to individual Veterans and all financial assistance must be made directly to a vendor or creditor.  This was one opportunity for VETERANS ONE HAND UP assistance that did not work out although would have been a very good use of funds.

gray locker cabinet and boots
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