Some Veterans are reluctant to request or accept the assistance offered by VETERANS ONE HAND UP.  A recent situation brought to light by a VA social worker was one in which a Veteran was unable to obtain dentures.  This Veteran and spouse lived on an extremely limited income and did not qualify for VA dental services.  The Veteran did have Medicare which, sadly, does not cover dentures either.  While the cost of dentures exceeds the amount which VETERANS ONE HAND UP normally allocates to assist an individual Veteran, the board did agree this situation warranted assistance.  The Veteran’s social worker provided the information about VETERANS ONE HAND UP to the Veteran, sent a brochure, included direct contact information, and later followed-up by sending an application.  The Veteran chose not to apply for assistance.  Some Veterans decide not to ask for assistance because they do not want to use funds that could be used for another Veteran.  While this is honorable and typical of the sacrifice  of our Veterans, it was a huge disappointment for VETERANS ONE HAND UP which truly did want to help this Veteran achieve a higher quality of life.  It is rumored to be up for consideration in Congress to require VA dental care for ALL Veterans who are eligible for VA services.  Please let your State and Federal legislators know about this gap in care for Veterans and advocate for this to become a core VA service for all Veterans.

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