VETERANS ONE HAND UP is a new, start-up charity with only two donors.  One of the criteria for assistance is that the help will completely resolve the problem. If the financial assistance is only going toward a tiny piece of problem or only serves to postpone the inevitable it’s not the best situation to obligate funds for.  It’s always difficult to say no to a Veteran in need.  A recent request that was denied involved a defaulted loan.  The amount of money required to bring the loan up to account as well as the additional charges incurred would have taken a huge portion (about half) of the available funds of VETERANS ONE HAND UP for that particular month.  There was no plan in place to continue making payments on the loan once current as the Veteran had not yet established a reliable income source.  The Veteran was starting out from scratch with a need for everything–housing, furniture, utilities, food, and more.  The Veteran was already connected with support from the VA and would be able to have many of the basic needs addressed  through the VA homeless program and its partners.  An open, solution-focused conversation with the Veteran resulted in agreement that the defaulted loan may not be the best use of VETERANS ONE HAND UP one time assistance.  Instead, the Veteran agreed to wait and see what the unmet needs are once the VA (and its partners) support has been implemented and the Veteran is situated in the new community and housing.  VETERANS ONE HAND UP will still help this Veteran with a one time expense, the nature of which to be later decided.  So, instead of it being a “no” to the request for assistance, it was really a “yes” to another need in the near future.

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